ZANU-PF crime

ZANU PF CRIME in Zimbabwe

Zanu PF Crime in Zimbabwe

This website is dedicated to the victims of Zanu PF crime committed in the name of Zanu PF on the people of Zimbabwe. To date, the perpetrators of genocide, mutilation, sexual abuse, ethnic cleansing and murder continue to live amongst the surviving victims. They continue their abuses with impunity. Whilst there has been a temporary reprieve since the formation of the so called Government of national unity was put in place, all the mechanisms of state terror remain in place.

What you are currently viewing on this web site is just just small beginnings. There are massive amounts of data in the form of victims' testimony, video and pictures to come forth.

For those who care about Zimbabwe, we would be grateful if you would pass the message on.


Please be aware of these dangerous people who are planning to cause mayhem when they will be campaigning for their political offices in the upcoming elections.
Please be carefully if you encounter these dangerous but cowardly people:
 a. Bernard Mazarire a Rtd Major for MP - Masvingo West
 b. Calisto Gwanetsa a Brig General for Senator - Chiredzi
 c. Claudius Makova a Rtd Colonel for Senator - Bikita West
 d. Coxwell Chigwanha - for MP- Epworth
 e. Elias Kanengoni a CIO Deputy Director Internal for Senator - Mazowe
 f. Elliot Kasu a Rtd Brig General - Nyanga South
 g. Francis Muchenje a CIO Training department for MP - Makoni North
 h. Francis Mukwangwariwa a CIO
i. Lesley Humbe - CIO Operative for MP Masvingo South
 j. Livingstone Chanetsa a Rtd Brig General for Senator Zaka East
 k. Mutero Masanganise a Colonel Senator - Gutu
 l. Nation Madongorere a Former CIO - MP for Makoni west
 m. Oliver Mandiaka a Policeman for MP Buhera South
 n. Phillip Toperesu a Colonel  MP Masvingo South
 o. Raira a CIO for MP for Masvingo
 p. Tabeth Kanengoni -mwana wa Elias for MP Mazowe central
 q. Winnie Mlambo a former Security attach√© at Zimbabwe Embassy in London for MP Chipinge East
Let's keep our eyes on the ground and name and shame them. Share to others for peace' sake.

ALERT - ZANUPF COWARDLY ATTACK on John (56) and Jackie (47) Kinnaird from Kadoma.

Please see the pictures below of John (56) and Jackie (47) Kinnaird from Kadoma.
He is the Midlands North MDC-T Treasurer. 4 youths of between 17 and 22 years came into their house last night at 8.30pm through the kitchen door. Three of them started attacking John with a simbi with hooks on the end, a wheel spanner and another metal rod, while the 4th youth grabbed Jackie around the neck and took her into the bedroom. John was fighting the 3 youths to get to his wife. They said they wanted money. They took 2 cell phones and 2000US (wages for their employees at his engineering company). One youth was wearing a zpf bandanna on his head and this fell off onto the floor while John was fighting them.

John sustained multiple head wounds requiring 14 stitches and a fractured right arm. He also has deep puncture wounds in his legs and one just below his throat, as well as welts across his back.

Jackie has a bruised throat where she was grabbed by the youth and a compound fracture of her left arm. The arm requires surgery.

The family has already posted pics on face book and wants the story told widely as it is believed to be a political attack.
Jackie Kinnaird attacked by Zanu-PF
John Kinnaird MDC-T attacked by Zanu PF
ZANU-PF headband left at the site of the attack
John Kinnaird attacked by Zanu-PF